Thursday, September 26, 2013

obamacare - Who Is Hurt?

     When one looks across the landscape of the idiotic obamacare roll out, it is apparent that the intent of this bill is, and always was, the end of the middle class and the permanent subjugation of all but the very rich.
     As people open their mail and discover the enormous increases of their monthly health insurance premiums for the coming year, the silence of the vicious left wing is appalling. When Nancy Pelosi said, "You HAVE TO pass the bill, to find out what's in it," she meant that literally because the 3,000 pages of law, followed by 400,000 pages of regulations is a map of how the government will hold you down, take your money, steal your liberty and force you into poverty, through trillions in wasteful spending, SWAT team enforcement and gun point intimidation.
     As reports show the first implementation efforts, which were funded at $1 billion, have serious financial accountability lapses, the money grab that accompanies this abortion of a law are becoming more and more obvious. The creation of scores of SWAT Teams specifically for the purpose of "enforcement" of obamacare, should infuriate and frighten people with enough sense to see the totalitarian police state forming around us.
     As Senate leader, Harry Reid and his partners in crime, John McCain and Nancy Pelosi shriek about Ted Cruz, voters increasingly turn their backs on the progressive left and find their voices ignored, attacked and threatened. obamacare has the potential to become the ultimate coups. Citizens must speak out, refuse to comply, make your representatives listen and never stop speaking, before it becomes illegal to criticize the obama regime.

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