Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Are These The Times That Try Obama's Soul?

     As the reality of an unhappy electorate, coming into a dangerous 2014, mid-term election, sober up the all out, all socialist democrat party, election minded liberals are showing a willingness to defy the Obama agenda of debt, spending, foreign weakness and media manipulation. Without blind obedience, the second term agenda will suffer.
     With a national media on their knees begging to obey him, Barack Obama won virtually every one of his pet projects, against the will of the voter. With 100% Senate democratic following, and just barely enough Congressional democrats falling in line, Obama force fed the disastrous obamacare bill thru without a single republican vote, proving that there was just enough vote fraud, at the senate level, to make sure there would be 60 votes on Christmas Eve, to saddle tax payers with the worst written, least thought out, most destructive bill ever passed.
      Now that the real truth about obamacare and its insidious tendrils are becoming impossible to cover up, people are standing up and speaking above the din of the knee pad wearing media and public support for obamacare and Obama are taking a dramatic hit.
      Throughout Obama's first term the media REFUSED to allow a single shred of truth to be printed that even hinted at dissatisfaction with their hero. Stories were routinely spiked, reporters reassigned, or relieved of their job for submitting anything that resembled non-compliance with the wishes of the regime. Those who failed to conform were singled out by everyone from msnbc to the IRS, for persecution. The first amendment has been routinely ignored as administration hacks attacked anyone who wouldn't walk the line drawn by the white house.
      In the fifth year of obama's reign too many people simply stopped tuning in, logging on, or listening to the government controlled voices of the media and profits were severely reduced. The regime countered by hiring 15 "friendly" journalists away from networks and installing them on the regime's staff, at enormous taxpayer expense, to influence the press even more. A regime that promised to be the most open and transparent in history, has all but disappeared behind locked doors, secret orders and outright lies, to avoid any hint of the truth, as long as possible.
      Socialist Senator recently summed it up. "If you read the papers, you almost think the Republicans are in control,” said Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont, an independent who caucuses with Democrats and vigorously opposed Mr. Summers until he withdrew from consideration. “They’re constantly on the offensive. Democrats are on the defensive.”
The lack of strong leadership, he added, has created a vacuum. “I think you’re going to see more independents saying, ‘Mr. President, we look forward to working with you, but we’re not simply going to accept your leadership and your ideas,’ ” he said. “ ‘We’re not going to follow you. You’re going to have to work with us.’ ” 
      If the USA is to survive three more years of Obama's lack of decency, leadership, honesty and integrity, far more elected officials will have to find the encourage to tell the truth and ignore the empty headed criticism from the likes of John McCain, Diane Feinstein and Lindsey Graham. America needs more TEA and less Socialism.

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