Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why Do Lliberal Democrats Always Embrace What Is Bad For America?

     When you look across the desert of the left you see a wasteland of programs, initiatives and offensives designed to install things that are detrimental to America. From the current concept of government dependency to common core, the left has chosen an intentional platform that abuses the constitution, steals liberty, destroys freedom and undermines our country.
     Many think of the national debt as a "problem." The left sees it as a bottomless basket of fruit that exists only to serve their agenda.
     Some consider Sharia Law to be the antithesis of tolerance, freedom to choose and freedom to decide who and what you will be. Liberals see Sharia Law as some kind of holy grail that should never be examined in the light, challenged, or held to the same standards they hold all other convictions.
     Economists, thinking clearly, know that education, hard work and adherence to good business principles translate into strong growth, robust currency and low unemployment. Liberal Democrats seem to think common core is preferable to common sense and strict adherence to their dogma will lead the youth of today into the socialist nirvana of tomorrow.
     To a liberal, freedom to choose, means you are free to choose whatever the left chooses for you and you are free to do so RIGHT NOW. To disagree is to be labeled a racist and trivialized which is right out of Saul Alinsky's, Rules For Radicals.
     The worst offense one can commit in the lefty universe is to fail to immediately embrace, consent to, conform with and claim to have always believed, whatever the masters of the left say, today. In the liberal universe, free thought is the enemy and to the left, the government MUST stamp out non-permitted thinking.
      Democrats have allowed their party to be overtaken by undisguised fascists, masquerading as Democrats. Book banning is celebrated, as long as the book endangers the liberal mantra and the bible is the best example. No where in the new leftist world, is adherence to fair play, decency, hard work, self reliance and honesty allowed. If you insist on such things, you must be a domestic terrorist and the government has uniformed thugs armed and ready to deal with you.
      Should you try and work trough the political system to address freedom, the hatred of the left is instantly unleashed to silence you. When elections are stolen right before our eyes, simply noticing it becomes a crime against liberalism. The very people who claim to be all for tolerance and diversity, hate you for daring to tolerate anything other than their agenda.
      The left has become the greatest source of institutional hypocrisy in history and is proud of it.
      It is truly time for a regime change, America.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

When the Inmates Run the Asylum

     America is beset with scandals emanating from the Oval Office. The headlines scream and the left wing spins almost as loud. The rules for journalistic integrity have been so shorn, as to be no longer existent, as traditional news outlets print everything EXCEPT the truth,
     Several years ago Congressman Joe Wilson shouted at Barack Obama, during the State of the Union Address, "You Lie!" The left wing and the democrat party shrieked their outrage, never considering the possibility that those damning words were the rare that night, as most, if not all, of the things said by the president were simply, not true.
     Now the record stands stark. Barack Obama has been outed for his never ending shell game of lies, tricks, deceit and dishonesty and obamacare collapses all around us. The government and much of the press kneel before the white house and feel the scorn of the president and his very thin skin, daily.
     Washington, D.C.’s insurance commissioner was fired the day after he questioned President Barack Obama’s “fix” for the millions of health insurance policies cancelled because of the roll out of the Affordable Care Act.
William P. White’s termination came Friday, when one of Democratic Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s senior deputies told him that the mayor “wants to go in a different direction,” White told The Washington Post.
The Post reported:
White said the mayoral deputy never said that he was being asked to leave because of his Thursday statement on health care. But he said the timing was hard to ignore. Roughly 24 hours later, White said, he was “basically being told, ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ ”
White was one of the first insurance commissioners in the nation last week to push back against Obama’s attempt to smooth over part of the botched roll  out of the Affordable Care Act: millions of unexpected cancellations of insurance plans.