Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Death of Free Speech

     Remember when Muslim terrorists attacked the US Embassy in Benghazi?
     Were you amazed at the speed with which the Obama Regime invented the lie about an obscure You Tube video "insulting" militant Muslims, who then, organically congregated and congealed into a virulent massive protest, result0ing in the murder of a US Ambassador and three American citizens?
     Remember the ferocity with which Obama attacked free speech as the culprit?
     The First Amendment is under constant and viscous attack by the Obama Regime. Their intent is to undermine our most precious right, by redefining everything in political terms, to destroy our right to speak. Free speech has become so inconvenient for the far left, progressives, that they believe it must go away, or threaten their political viability.
     In his six years in the White House, Barack Obama has failed to defend any basic Constitutional right, choosing to attack our basic freedoms for political gain. His regime constantly attacks those who dare to speak in opposition to any of the destructive agenda items on their docket, using the DOJ, IRS and NSA to subvert freedom in favor of silence. 
    This week, a member of the FCC shared the intent of the regime to place federal "monitors" in every news room, to guarantee that their message be clearly and preferentially broadcast, at the expense of the truth. Once this scheme was disclosed, the resulting outcry temporarily quelled the plan but not permanently.

      The FCC jumped the shark with its outrageous plan to police America's newsrooms. This grasp for a new mission signals an agency that has outlived its purpose. We have a better idea: Just scrap the FCC.
     For the progressive left to win in 2014, the government must partially, if not totally silence all opposition voices. Their intentions mirror the worst of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Castro's Cuba.
     One FOXNews Commentator, Greta VanSustern,  responded to the obnoxious, intrusive and clearly unconstitutional questions asked by the politically connected, polling company used to begin the process of determining how much censorship was necessary to control the news.

     The FCC announced on Friday that it would back off its planned study of U.S. newsrooms in which monitors would be dispatched to gather information on how they operate. Even so, Greta Van Susteren on Friday decided to answer the questionnaire that would have been included in the study as honestly as she could.

The first question: “What is the news philosophy of the station?”
Van Susteren’s answer: “None of your business, read the Constitution.”

Question No. 2: “How much news does your station air every day?”
“Watch and figure it out yourself, I’m not doing your work for you,” she responded.

The third question from the proposed FCC study: “Who decides which stories are covered?”
Van Susteren’s familiar answer: “None of your business, read the Constitution.”

     As is typical, the mainstream media hold their hands over their mouths, afraid to speak out for fear of being ostracized, persecuted and attacked by the IRS and DOJ, who have shown no restraint at carrying out political witch hunts, on Obama's behalf. There has never been a Department of Justice so thoroughly politicized as under Eric Holder, nor an IRS as corrupt as under Obama.
     The TEA Party of Florida calls upon the Obama Regime to cease this all out attack on freedom, remove the offending officials from power and disclose all of their crimes against the Constitution and introduce realisitc remedies to make sure this never happens again.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Guarding Free Elections in America Under Attack

     The new progressive attack strategy seems to include attacks against freedom on many fronts. Activists regularly attack gun rights, freedom of speech and now religion, as well as the guarantee against unreasonable search and seizure.
     Among the many pronged attack, anti-freedom activists are engaged in an all out assault on free elections. Most probably because the left is discovering they will lose most fairly held elections. In recent years, Al Franken was installed in the US Senate after months of "recounting" votes until the result changed to suit the progressive left. No one will forget election canvassing boards in largely democrat counties, in Florida, redefining a "legal" vote, over and over again, in search of the best result.
     One of the prongs of the attack on free elections is negating voter ID laws and in a stunning bit of hypocrisy, the NAACP is requiring people show photo ID to attend a March against Photo ID to vote!
The NAACP is planning a peaceful march to protest the requirement of voter ID laws. In a flyer sent out entitled “Important Do’s and Don’ts for Marchers,” some very responsible marching elements are listed for people's safety.
The most ironic recommendation on the list comes half way down, where march coordinators tell recipients: 
“DO bring photo identification (driver's license, passport or other valid photo ID) with you and keep it on your persons at all times.”

Thursday, February 6, 2014

After TEA Party Push Back, Boehner Appears to Turn Away From Amnesty Deal

     Given the reality of a serious push to topple him, Speaker of the House John Boehner appears to have taken heed of the virulent TEA Party opposition to the President's newest favorite legislation, amnesty for illegal aliens.
     Boehner appeared to favor caving in to another failed progressive demand, this one to legalize the 22 million, plus illegal aliens crowding the job market, driving down wages, burdening public education and health care and demanding a catalog of concessions they have no standing to request.
     House Speaker John A. Boehner said Thursday that until President Obama proves he’s serious about enforcing immigration laws, it will be difficult to get a bill through the House this year — dealing a potentially fatal blow to the chances for action in 2014.
“Listen, there’s widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws. And it’s going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes,” the Ohio Republican told reporters at his weekly press conference.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gutfield on Obama

“IMPEACH OBAMA” T-Shirts and Displaying American Flag Deemed Illegal by Town

     The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a strategic partner of The Save America Foundation based in Clearwater, Florida, announced today that it has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Town of Campbell, Wisconsin’s ordinance which police are enforcing to prohibit citizens from displaying the American Flag and wearing t-Shirts which call for the impeachment of President Obama on the highway overpass managed by the Town.  Joining TMLC as local co-counsel is La Crosse, WI. lawyer Bernardo Cueto.
      Erin Mersino, a TMLC attorney handling the case, said, “Viewpoint discrimination is one of the most harmful threats to our freedom of speech.  The answer to contempt of a certain viewpoint is not to silence that viewpoint, but to invite more speech and create a discourse.  That is one of the most fundamental tenets of our Republic.  The ordinance at issue turns the public sidewalk on the overpass, which is otherwise open to the public into a dead speech zone.”
The lawsuit claims that the Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly have been violated and that the Ordinance is unconstitutional on its face and as applied by the police. Because the Plaintiffs wish to continue their constitutionally protected speech, they asked the Court to enter a Preliminary Injunction banning further enforcement of the ordinance during the pendency of the lawsuit.
Gregory Luce is a Catholic who is pro-life and opposes President Obama for many reasons including the President’s actions in support of abortion.  On October 24, 2013, Luce along with a few of his supporters appeared on the pedestrian overpass wearing t-shirts that collectively spelled out “IMPEACH” on one side and “OBAMA” on the backside. A Town of Campbell police officer confronted Luce and his supporters and ordered them to leave or receive citations.  Luce and his supporters left as ordered.  This police action also thwarted a similarly planned demonstration by Luce on public land 100 feet from the overpass in question, which was also prohibited by the challenged ordinance.
Plaintiff Nicholas Newman is a patriotic American.  On October 27, 2013, Newman appeared on the overpass in question carrying an American Flag to express his pride for his country and the ideals on which it was founded.   Police issued Newman a citation for displaying the American Flag in violation of the ordinance, which carries a fine of $139.00.