Monday, March 31, 2014

TEA Party of Florida Chairman Meets With Former and Current Candidate for Governor, Charlie Crist

      Had a fortuitous meeting with Former and current candidate for Florida Governor, Charlie Crist this morning.
      It was a great opportunity to make the case on behalf of the TEA Party of Florida, for a reversal of the ongoing expansion of Florida government, and a plea that whomever will be our next Governor understand our commitment to have the boot of the federal government off of the necks of Florida working families.                                 
      Governor Crist was polite, interested and listened, promising to give our position serious thought.
That is about as much as we can expect. We've stated our position, respectfully and sincerely, and hope our elected officials have the integrity to act honestly.
     The former Florida Governor, knows that the many in the TEA Party withheld support from John McCain and Mitt Romney due to a lack of conservative fiscal values. To win in November, any candidate has to capture a significant number of TEA Party votes because Florida is a 45-45 state and the other ten percent change the outcome.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is 2016 Shaping Up Like 1980?

Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee Leading in Early Polling

     It should come as no surprise that America's sensible sixty percent favor strong, focused men of integrity, over Johnny-come-lately pretty boy, contenders. That the evidence is so strong, so early is a bit of a surprise, as the left wing and their lap dog media are so focused on the meme that the right has no one to which to turn, in order to end the socialist, left tilt plaguing America.
     Rand Paul brings youthful exuberance and charisma to the table, while Governor Mike Huckabee brings experience, decency and charm. Together they would be unstoppable and the TEA Party urges Americans to look these two over and speak up.
     In the age of pessimism, Huckabee brings a breath of fresh air to the debate. Rand Paul brings a stoic, strength that refutes all the ugliness that has enveloped the democrat party, as they scream headlong toward a Clinton nomination, fraught with even more ugliness.