Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Facts Don't Align With the AGENDA of President Obama

     As everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Eric Cantor and John Boehner, beat the drum for more bombing, shooting and killing, at great expense to American taxpayers, those with a longer memory, than partisan agenda remember the inconvenient facts that belie the agenda of Barack Obama.
     Russia has called on Turkey to share its findings in the case of Syrian rebels who were seized on the Turkish-Syrian border with a 2kg cylinder full of nerve gas sarin.
     As recently as June 6, 2013, a scant three months ago, Russia requested details from Turskish officials of the capture of Syrian rebels with SARAN Nerve Gas, yet president Obama steadfastly refuses to examine the record, so desperate is he to make the middle east safer for muslim terrorists.
      During a meeting at the White House, the president assured Senator John McCain that after months of delay the US was meeting its commitment to back moderate elements of the opposition.
Mr Obama said that a 50-man cell, believed to have been trained by US special forces in Jordan, was making its way across the border into Syria, according to the New York Times.
 http://l1.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/A4.5pjb8w96M39wstmi4mA--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9ZmlsbDtoPTQzMTtweW9mZj0wO3E9ODU7dz03Njg-/http://media.zenfs.com/en_us/News/afp.com/photo_1378226850737-4-HD.jpg     So proud of his war making power, the president has briefed Congress that the FIRST unit of CIA trained rebels is on its way to Syria to undermine the current government. It strikes many as odd that the president never once mentioned any acts of aggression against Coptic Christians, when making his case for military strikes against Syria, only acts committed against muslims.

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