Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Obama Administration ORDERS Federal Workers to Spy on One Another
     As the last vestiges of freedom slip quietly away, the never quiet Obama regime continue to hack away personal liberty and protections. In the latest outrage, Barack Obama orders all federal workers, at the risk of jail, to spy on all other federal workers, including spying on their personal habits, vacation plans, personal spending as well as lifestyle, personal behavior, attitudes and opinions of co-workers. The last certainly leaves the door open for personal vendettas to become the most common form of reporting, as jealous, angry, or disgruntled workers to report those who stand between them and promotions.

     Seen by many as another step towards Soviet style controls, the regime apparently is motivated by the embarrassing NSA spying scandal, which has outraged the president. Of course, the president is not outraged that his administration is engaged in unconstitutional spying, just that it became public.
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