Sunday, June 16, 2013

Obama Adminstration Spins Spying Facts To Cover Excesses
 A bus passes by a poster of Edward Snowden, a former contractor at the National Security Agency (NSA), displayed by his supporters at Hong Kong's financial Central district during the midnight hours of June 18, 2013. Reuters/Bobby Yip

     If you are an American citizen, a single WARRANTLESS wiretap of your phone, e-mail, or social media account is TOO MANY. Apparently, if you are the Obama Administration, 10,000 separate demands for your private Facebook information and 7,000 separate demands for your private information on Microsoft platforms is incidental and minor.

     The lack of ethics, honesty, integrity and  decency shown by the Obama Administration throughout this process, smacks of the worst things about Big Brother, or in the case of Janet Napolitano, Big Sister. That neither of these persons has the integrity to take responsibility, admit the truth, deal with the facts and even pretend to be fair, tells us all we need to know about their integrity, honesty and decency.
As former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich says, "Obama lied about spying, then lied about lying, then lied about the lies."

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