Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marco Rubio Amnesty Bill Includes BILLIONS in Unrelated Pork

     The unlimited chutzpa of Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid, Chuck Schummer, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others, with regards to the immigration amnesty charade, that was passed by the Senate, today is only exceeded by the lies Marco Rubio is willing to tell to defend it.
     America's treasury is being  looted by the Senate, as they add every imaginable pork barrel item, from obama-phones to free automobiles. From get out of jail free cards, to $5,000 a year incentives for America corporations to hire aliens, instead of citizens.
     Marco Rubio, the father and mentor of this assault against American workers and taxpayers, has put forth a lie so big, even telling it risks being labeled some kind of conspiracy nut. His sell out is complete, without conscience, devoid of integrity and truly criminal.
     The US Senate passed the bill, in a Christmas party style session, complete with chanting in the galleries and cheering on the Senate floor. No one appeared more proud of their deceit than Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who took to the airways trying to spin his pork barrel express, as important, necessary and honest. He lied about all three and no doubt, permanently damaged his career, as the right half of the Republican Party seems to have written him off as another scoundrel, liar, and self obsessed fool striving to buy votes with our money.
     The TEA Party of Florida condemns Marco Rubio's pork barrel pig of a bill and condemns the lies, back stabbing and whoring out his office in search of Hispanic support in 2016.

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