Thursday, June 6, 2013

NSA Caught Spying on Millions of Americans

NSA's Verizon Spying Order Specifically Targeted Americans, Not Foreigners

  Top secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all call data shows scale of domestic surveillance under Obama

      The Obama Administration scandals keep coming and the main stream media keep playing catch up. It is beyond convenient that the MSM failed to break even one of the six scandals swirling around the abuses at the DOJ, NSA, White House and State Department.

      The newest scandal plaguing an administration and Attorney General teetering on the brink, involves wholesale government spying on citizens with no possible connection to terrorism, terrorists, funding of terror cells, or anything other than their potential conservative opinions. Obama, as always, seems content to pretend he just discovered the latest round of government abuse by reading the New York Times. Truth be told, the only section of the NYT he would be interested in reading, would be the section covering Hollywood celebrities.

     America must look much closer at who is spying on us, what data they wish to collect and why. It is time to consider a change at the top, to protect us from further abuse, of a government off the rails.

An aerial view of the NSA's Utah Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah, Thursday, June 6, 2013. The government is secretly collecting the telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon under a top-secret court order, according to the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Obama administration is defending the National Security Agency's need to collect such records, but critics are calling it a huge over-reach.

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