Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Iran Enrichment Expanded 400% on Obama's Watch

     The bane of president obama's existence has to be his ineptitude at choosing an effective Secretary of State and unwillingness to behave like a leader. As his press secretary says, the president often chooses to lead from behind, which is political speak for complete incompetence on foreign policy issues.
      The latest disaster as Secretary of State, John Kerry, fraudulently claims that because Iran's enrichment process ramped up unchecked George Bush, he had "no choice," but to cave in to a bad nuclear deal. That entire pretense is dishonest, cowardly and typical of the obama regime practice of refusing to accept responsibility for negative event but demanding all credit for any positive event.
      The current incompetent occupying the Secretary of State office, John Kerry is not even as pathetic as the former obama appointment and self described, next democrat presidential nominee, hilary clinton, who is famous for dismissing her department's rank neglect of our embassy in Benghazi, Libya and the unpunished assassination of our Ambassador. As you may remember, ms. clinton famously waved off responsibility by proclaiming, "What difference does it make, now?"

     One must not confuse deliberate incompetence with involuntary incompetence, because, as we've seen, once a citizen speaks out and receives media attention about the obama regime failings, the IRS and other government agencies, notably NSA, DOJ and TSA are on them in seconds, with the full anger of an incompetent embarrassed.
     At a time when China is threatening Japan on a daily basis, this administration of fools has taken a hard stance against columnists that write critical articles about their "dear leader." While Iran runs urnaium enrichment, unabated, the second coming of Neville Chamberlain proclaims his "deal" ensures peace and safety.
     Onew has to wonder how large are the bribes from muslim nationals, to DC insiders, that the white house would undermine national security to such an extent.
     So pro-muslim has the obama white house become, it is now willing to proclaim that criticizing  muslims on social media "may" be considered a felony, by the corrupt DOJ. The never ending tilt toward relegating America to second class status, under obama, is insane and illegal. Th enew attack on thje First Amendment is only one example.
     At no time has America been more weakened, less determined, more rudderless than under president obama and at no time have fewer Americans been able to say they respect our leaders than today.

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