Sunday, October 13, 2013

Veterans Remove Barricades from Memorials - Deliver them to White House

     American Veterans, fed up with the emperor like behavior of President Obama, removed the "barry-cades" placed there to shut Veterans out from their privately funded, open air, WWII Memorial and delivered them and a strong message of dissent, to President Obama, hiding inside the White House.
     It is not unheard of for an American President to hide from Americans seeking redress, but it is unprecedented for a sitting American president to intentionally attack US Veterans by barricading them out of memorials honoring their fallen comrades. Obama clearly has zero understanding of the sacrifice made by our Veterans, and the lives that were lost to protect freedom and as a result, his actions are more in keeping with those of the leader of a cheap, sleazy, third world, junta.
       World War II veteran Mike Lauriente accepts thanks for his service from demonstrators at the World War II Memorial on Sunday. (WTOP/Jamie Forzato)
     If this is an attention ploy, hoping to gain in the polls, Obama is losing ground and picking up speed. Americans  who previously stayed on the sidelines of the brittle relationship between Obama and US Citizens, are turning away from his imperial style, out of control ego and destructive obsession with being the center of attention.
     True to form, Obama sent his goon squads, in riot gear, complete with tanks, to confront US American Veterans in the same place his goon squads welcomed illegal aliens and their demonstration just days ago.
     Sadly, no riot police bearing wire hand cuffs were deployed to deal with the illegals openly defying our laws, in the same place last week. Far too often Barack chooses those as his allies, turning his back and showing his contempt for us.

     Barack is playing a dangerous game of brinksmanship with the very people, whose undying love for country made it possible for a black man to be elected president. In doing so, he is behaving in ways best described as delusional, power mad and as petulant as an angry teenager..

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