Friday, October 11, 2013

Petulant President Refuses To Bring Families of US KIA to Dover AFB to Recieve Remains

     In another "take them to their pain," moments, the president refused to bring families of American Military KIA to Dover AFB to receive the remains of their children, killed serving America.
     As various psychologists have suggested, Obama does these things because he suffers from a severe narcissistic disorder, that requires him to behave outrageously whenever he fails to get his way.
     The main stream media loves to refer to their darling, obama as "unprecedented" and 'historic." nation has witnessed unprecedented and historic levels of childishness, pettiness, adolescent angst and outright delusional behavior, as Obama has responded to congress telling him "no" over the debt ceiling. His vindictive and vicious behavior has some of the country's liberals turning their backs and tuning him out, as is appropriate.
     Fox News Correspondent, Greta VanSusteran, reports retired Colonel, Oliver North has begun to raise money to bring these grieving military families to meet their dead loved ones.
If you wish to participate, click here:

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