Friday, August 30, 2013

When Is A Democratic Republic Neither?

    ....Apparently when the chief executive is Barack Obama.
       Americans are not thirsty for another war in the middle east. In fact, Americans are downright hostile to the idea in numbers so stark, that even the full time Obama apologist NBC admits the truth. With over 80% of people polled unwilling to support military action in Syria and our traditional allies turning their backs on Barack Obama, the president is so determined to support wasting the lives of our young men and women and billions of dollars much of it borrowed from China, to insure that our enemy, Al Qaeda flourishes in a new Islamic regime.;380;7;70;0.jpg
       Many see Obama's actions as inconsistent with the facts and forecast another war without a solid plan, defined objectives, or realistic exit strategy.
       Others concede Obama may be playing a dangerous game of one-ups-man ship with Vladimir Putin, which Obama with his deficient foreign policy skills, would lose dramatically.
       Georgy Mirsky is a professor at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Moscow and writes in Financial Times;
Every now and then one of my English-speaking colleagues asks me what Russia will do if the western powers make good on their threats and strike at Syria. My answer is: nothing. Russia does not have to do anything, it can just sit quiet. The situation is advantageous to Moscow. Our leaders will be only too happy to see the US start a new war it cannot win.

Consider the options. A land invasion is out of the question. Sustained air bombardment risks the loss of pilots, and would therefore be unacceptable for the public in the west. The likeliest avenue is missile strikes; President Bashar al-Assad’s regime will undoubtedly suffer – but Russia and Iran will be able to make up for any losses. The allies will give Mr Assad a bloody nose and that is it. Punitive strikes cannot bring about a turning point in the hostilities. Any substantial change in the correlation of forces on the ground is not feasible.
         There appears to be no plan, no goal, no US interests at stake and no reason for this silliness, except for the rank ego of an inexperienced, undisciplined president's obsession with finding his name and photo on the front page.

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