Friday, August 23, 2013

SWAT Team Raids Texas Organic Farm

     If it wasn't so transparently stupid and dangerous, it would be funny. Any city with this much money to waste, needs to be reducing budgets, firing useless personnel and shutting down departments.
     The City of Arlington decided to send a SAT Team to "enforce" several pathetically questionable Code Enforcement "violations", held citizens at machine gun point, for TEN HOURS while they destroyed their organic vegetables.
     Cities have become the new crack addicts, living for the next federal national security "grant" and unable to survive without a constant stream of hits. It has become so pathetic that cities regularly send out SWAT teams to enforce everything from flower beds, to wood piles not perfectly stacked. All this is to justify the never ending demand for higher budgets.
      The city of Arlington officials cannot justify these extravagant violations of public safety, honesty and decency, so they refuse to answer and hide behind mountains of lies, hidden in paperwork.
      The time has come to shut down the overuse of SWAT teams, pare down the cost of unnecessary law enforcement and force federal, state and local governments to learn to live within their means, before more people are murdered by over zealous, black masked, thugs wearing badges.

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  1. Time to cut taxes in Arlington, seems like they have too much money to spend? Cut a couple of city officials and cut even more.