Sunday, April 13, 2014

Harry Reid Caught Attempting to Use Bundy Land For COMMUNIST CHINESE Project

    In what has become commonplace in the cesspool of DC, Democrat Harry Reid was embarrassed this week, when it was discovered he and his son were conspiring to use the disputed Bundy grazing land in Nevada for $5 Billion solar energy project that would benefit the COMMUNIST CHINESE.
     The Nevada Senator has a history of attacking what he calls 1%'ers which refers to people that work hard and achieve success, never intending to answer for his corruption and collusion.
    Massive Federal  Compound, hastily assembled to intimidate the Bundy family and thousands of supporters that flocked to rural Nevada and stood up to the criminal government action.

    Many wondered what the hidden agenda was in the escalating standoff, when a BLM staffer leaked document detailing the secret second agenda, collapsing the federal abuse and power grab.

    Not surprisingly, FACEBOOK keeps blocking and taking down You Tube videos which show the surrender and withdrawal of heavily armed, brutally turned out, BLM thugs.
    Sunday Drudge Report claims the Harry Reid, Communist Chinese deal had fallen through.

    You can find it, temporarily, here:

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